Wednesday, February 14, 2018

White Ink Trend Hits Invitations!

It's Wedding Wednesday here at French Press and we want to discuss the popular new invitation trend - white ink! We now have the capability to print both white ink invitations and envelopes. We print white ink on up to 130 lb paper, coated or uncoated. We also offer envelope addressing as a service. Since it is Valentine's Day, below is a preview of our services on a cute Valentine's card!

So why white ink? White ink makes invitations truly stand out against dark paper. It gives the invitations a rustic feel while remaining chic. It can create an earthy look while maintaining an elegant touch. It's a more affordable alternative to white foil!

Need design inspiration? We can handle that! We can either print your design or create one for you - we offer custom design services in our studio.

Questions? Give us a call at 585-406-0537, email us, or stop in to discuss!


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