Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Recent Work from French Press

We occasionally get a unique opportunity to design and print corporate invitations, and our recent job for North American Breweries (Labatts, Magic Hat, etc.) was a ton of fun! With a tight deadline looming, we managed to design and print these prestigious invitations and package them with a punch in half the time! Printed 2/0 on Stardream metallic paper, backed on a bronze metallic sheet--then mounted in a 6x9 pocket fold.

Another rare opportunity came to our shop a few months ago. A local couple requested a bi-lingual invitation using both English and Cyrillic!! Having never worked with Cyrillic, I was more than excited to take on the challenge. We proposed a 2-page invitation that would be housed in a yummy red square pocket fold. The design would remain consistent on both invites, with the main deliniation being the language. The invite was well received and the happy couple is set to wed this September on a gorgeous piece of property in Upstate New York!

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