Thursday, April 21, 2011

Busy, busy bees

Jodi and I have been consumed with wedding and graduation work the past few weeks and I'm finally getting a chance to show and tell! (no complaints!)

The first invitation was printed using both white foil and offset (flat) printing. The package was quite involved with a total of 4 tiered cards plus the invitation--all housed in a gorgeous dark purple pocket fold. The outside of the pocket is closed by a washi linen paper and topped with a double paneled name tag. Phew--this invitation is sure to create a buzz!! The second invite, designed and letterpress printed by Jodi, puts to use her excellent illustration skills. Created around the theme of 'cala lilies' these gorgeous 2 color letterpress invitations pair a springy fuchsia with a fresh lime green (printed later this week). Stay tuned for the entire package--posted at the end of this week.

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